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Fortunet is a boutique investment banking firm specializing in M&A and fundraising for E-commerce businesses and, in particular, Amazon FBA businesses.

The firm was founded by two partners, who have been representing thousands of Amazon sellers on a variety of legal matters, and are well-known in the Amazon community over the last years. The founders have many years of experience in managing and leading international transactions, including M&A.

Fortunet represents businesses for sale of different sizes, ranging from equity value of $500K to $60M. We work closely with different buyers, including e-commerce companies, private equity firms, VCs and private investors.

Why we are different?

Fortunet is known for its tailor-made, personal approach, including a thorough analysis and valuation process of the business and learning of client’s needs and transaction criteria. Together with our clients, we form the warranted transaction approach and timing while raising different relevant considerations related to the business, preparedness for a transaction, and the market.

Our constantly-growing network includes a broad number of sellers and buyers based upon our learning of their needs and interests.


Yael Cabilly, Esq.

Yael Cabilly owns the law firm Cabilly & Co and is one of the globally leading E-commerce attorneys. Licensed in NY and Israel, Yael and her team represent thousands of Amazon sellers in all legal issues, including listing / account suspensions, Intellectual property enforcement, E-commerce transactions, and IP registration.

As one of the key players in the e-commerce community, Yael’s firm is the focal point for hundreds of private labels who wish to sell their store, as well as large companies that wish to purchase such accounts.

Michal Baumwald Oron, Adv.

Michal is a lawyer and manager, with over 23 years of experience. Michal held senior positions in international leading companies and brands, including as VP Business Development and General Counsel. She managed and led various transactions and projects, including M&As, JVs, public offerings in the U.S and Israel, international transactions, program management and others.

Michal holds LLB from Tel-Aviv University, within the IDF academic reserve, and LLM from Bar Ilan University.

Omri Zaltzman

Omri is a highly experienced online marketer and entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience. Omri started his journey in the eCommerce and online marketing world as an affiliate marketer, and within a few years became one of Clickbank’s top clients.

While managing his affiliate marketing business and after receiving a B.A. in accounting and economics from Ben Gurion University, Omri founded his private label business on Amazon in 2016. Leveraging his expertise in the art of PPC, SEO, and data analysis, Omri quickly became a 7-figure Amazon seller. After planning his exit strategy, he successfully sold his private label brand to a new owner in 2019.

How do we work?

On the Seller side

The seller presents its business and fills out a short, preliminary questionnaire.

We conduct a face to face meeting or a video meeting.

The seller fills out a full questionnaire and P&L reports with our guidance.
We decide, together with the seller, on the selling price of the business.
Our team prepares a detailed business analysis, which enables investors to evaluate it easily.
We personally approach, on a confidential basis, our most relevant buyers.
We help facilitate the deal and represent our clients in the negotiation.
We connect our clients to our network of professionals (accountants, lawyers, escrow, etc.).
We handle the transfer of the assets to the buyer (including the transfer of the Amazon account).

Interaction with buyer

Buyer fills out a questionnaire designated to clarify investment criteria and other related considerations.
Following entering into a non-disclosure agreement, we provide buyer with information related to relevant businesses for sale.


Selling your business is a very delicate issue, especially if it’s a large business. Knowing Yael and Michal from the E-commerce community, I had no doubt I would choose them for selling my Amazon store.

They are both experienced and sharp attorneys, with outstanding connections in the industry.

As a seller, I felt I was in good hands, and they protected me through the entire process. They are “problem solvers”, with a business approach. I highly recommend them!

Itzhak R.

I highly recommend Fortunet for selling your online business! I had an Amazon Private Label brand in the kitchen niche, and I decided that it’s time for me to move on to other projects. I tried my luck with different brokers, including a very big brokerage company, and for 6 months all I got was either potential buyers that didn’t really understand the Private Label model, or potential buyers that weren’t willing to pay a relevant price for my business. After those 6 months, I’ve heard about Fortunet and contacted them. I felt like I have complete support from their team and that all my questions are being answered, and most important, I immediately started receiving calls and offers from RELEVANT potential buyers. Less than 3 months after I started the process with them, I made an agreement with a buyer and successfully sold my business to him.

Adi G.


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